Company Profile

Norwest Select Property Group can help you solve every piece of the property puzzle.

With our office centrally located in the Norwest Corridor, Norwest Select provide their clients with a vast area of coverage, and is a wholly-owned end-to-end real estate business.

From managing the sale or leasing of your property, through to mortgage broking and conveyancing, our objective is to streamline the entire property transaction and achieve fast, profitable results for our clients.  

Through efficient time management and teamwork, our teams achieve outstanding results year in, year out. We lease out properties quicker on average than any agent in the area with the most profitable results for our clients.

The team works together to deliver efficient and detailed service for every client which is where we differ to our competitors. Instead of one person listing a property, installing the signage, creating the marketing campaign and managing every aspect, we have a support team who manages each step of the process, so that our agents and property managers can devote their time to finding buyers and tenants in the shortest time possible.

Norwest Select Property Group was built on experience, market knowledge and quality advice. We pride ourselves on our team’s knowledge, work ethic and customer service but have an innovative approach to using digital marketing to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy population. 

So ask the Norwest Select Property Group team today to help you realise your real estate dream and achieve financial security.